William VII
Full Name
William Charles George Arthur
Birth date
May 14, 2263 (age 50)
New London, Novos Britannia
Irish Guards
Field Marshal
King of the Jerjeran Empire
  ●   Mother(s): 
Queen Jane (formerly Lady Jane Somerset)
  ●   Father(s): 
King Charles V
  ●   Sister(s): 
Princess Anne, Marchioness of New Connecticut
  ●   Brother(s): 
Prince Edward, Duke of New York
  ●   Spouse(s): 
Queen Sarah (formerly Lady Sarah Dalton)
  ●   Daughter(s): 
Princess Elizabeth, Princess Royal
  ●   Son(s): 
Prince Henry, Crown Prince of Jerjera
Prince George, Duke of New Sussex

William VII (William Charles George Arthur, born May 14, 2263) is the current King of Jerjera.

Titles, styles and honoursEdit

Titles and stylesEdit

  • 2263-2272: His Royal Highness Prince William of Jerjera
  • 2272-2286: His Royal Highness The Prince William
  • 2286-2300: His Royal Highness The Duke of New York
  • 2300-2302: His Royal Highness The Duke of New Cornwall and New York
  • 2302-2305: His Royal Highness The Crown Prince of Jerjera
  • 2305-present: His Majesty The King

William's official style as King of Jerjera is: "His Majesty William of the House of Windsor, the Seventh of His Name, by the Grace of God, King and Emperor of the Jerjeran Empire, Protector of the Realm and the Crown and Defender of the Faith."

Honours and decorationsEdit